Anytime you head to the smoker, there is no doubt you need a few essentials. First thing is first, you want to have whatever meat you are getting ready to smoke. Next, make sure you rub is handy and maybe sauce for when you are done. Third, make sure you have a cold beverage because well, it can be a lot of work sitting there all day to watch your pork shoulder slow smoke.

Now after you have these essentials gathered, there are a few other tools that will make your time at the smoker much smoother. In this post we dive into three different tools that get quite a bit of use from the Smoked Q team.

Silicone Grilling Gloves (+ Meat Shredders)

Whether you are just finishing up smoking that pork shoulder. Or you are pulling 5o wings off the smoker for the big game. These type of gloves are essential to keeping you fingers from burning while also making quick work of that final prep.

These silicone type gloves do end up being a little bulky at times. However, being able to use each finger (opposed to a traditional oven mitt) helps move past the bulkiness. The other top feature is cleanup.

Smoked Q - Gloves with Shredders

When you are all done, simply take them to the sink and wash your hands like normal. When you are done washing, grab the towel and dry like normal. This step seems trivial, but the alternatives we’ve used in the past were not this clean and neat.

If you head to Amazon (at the time of publishing this post) there is a deal running where you can get a package. Not only do you get the silicone gloves, but they also with some plastic meat shredders. On top of that, they trow in a basting brush. All told, you’re looking at $19.95 from Amazon.

Charcoal Companion Grill Station

Often times when cooking for that larger group, there are multiple cuts of meat on at the same time. These handy plastic tubs are the perfect way to keep burgers holding or move chicken from the smoker to the table.

These come with one section for raw meat (the red bin). Then another for your cooked meat (the gray bin). However, the better use seems to be placing your finished meats in one or both bins, then stack them on each other.

Smoked Q - Plastic Tub

If you head to Amazon (at the time of publishing this post) you can pick up a set of these bad boys for only $11.04. It may be best to order two!

Traeger Pizza Kit

My kids were diagnosed with food allergies about three years ago. Once that happened, our days of ordering pizza delivery on Friday’s went out the door. But don’t shed a tear for us, because a new tradition was born!

Many a Friday night, the family makes pizzas that the kids can eat. Using a baking mix, we create our own gluten free dough and throw on some Vegan cheese. Each kid gets to help create their own pizzas and then we throw them on the smoker.

Smoked Q - Traeger Pizza Stone w Server and Cutter

When we have our pizzas ready to go on, we always reach for our Pizza stones. For us, we use the Traeger Grill Pizza Kit. It is likely comparable to many others on the market. But since we got it for free from Traeger after the wi-fi fiasco, it has been a go to on many Friday nights!

What about you?

What are some of your favorite accessories? Is there something you always reach for when you fire up the smoker or grill?

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