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2018 RibFest – Fort Wayne

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Are looking for a great way to spend fathers day each year? Well then, look no further than Fort Wayne’s BBQ RibFest. This annual gathering brings competition barbecue to Fort Wayne from all over the US. From Carolina to Texas to St. Louis, all the tastes are represent. The only problem is choosing which one to try!

Desperado’s BBQ & Rib Co.

This year we again took Desperado’s BBQ for a ride for the second year in a row. This was in hopes of getting some of the best corn bread I’ve ever eaten. Much to my dismay, by the time we made it to them on Sunday they were out of their cornbread!

The good news is, the barbecue didn’t disappoint. Indulging in both their pulled pork and ribs, they delivered on that taste you come to expect. Thus our desire to head back for a repeat from 2017.

As for their pulled pork. The offer just that right amount of seasoning and smokey flavor. Pairing it with their original BBQ sauce and a little coleslaw hit the spot once again this year.

As for their ribs, that perfect bark just seems to be what sets their ribs apart from others in recent memory. It’s their mix of tenderness, with ribs that pull right off the bone but don’t fall off the keeps me coming back year to year. Adding in their original BBQ sauce just pulls all those flavors together that you’d expect from a great rack of ribs.

Food, Music, and Fun

Keeping with the standing tradition, spending fathers day with family at Fort Wayne’s BBQ RibFest never disappoints. The weather (while a bit warm) was all you could ask for.

Simply sitting around the table with other fathers like my dad, my father-in-law, & brother-in-law made for a great day. We shared stories, food, & music with the entire family. There is no doubt this tradition will keep going for many years to come!

All images for this post are from the official BBQ RibFest website, Head the site for more information, and the latest on the coming year’s BBQ RibFest in Fort Wayne.

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