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Traeger Wood Pellet Flavors: A Guide to Enhance your Grilling Experience

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Taste the Wood-Fired Difference

Learn how Traeger wood pellet grills can enhance your grilling experience with a wide range of pellet flavors to choose from. Here we’ve provided some useful guidance to help you make the best choice for the next time you’re ready to roll some smoke.

What are Traeger Wood Pellet Flavors?

Traeger offers a variety of natural hardwood wood pellets, each with a unique flavor profile, designed to enhance the taste of your food when used with Traeger grills.
Offering blends including the Signature Blend and individual flavors made from different types of hardwoods ranging from traditional hickory to unique choices like apple and mesquite.

Traeger Individual Flavor Pellets

Each of these flavors offers a unique taste that can enhance the flavor of different types of meats or vegetables. For example, hickory pellets provide a smoky, hearty flavor that goes well with beef and pork, while applewood pellets offer a sweet, fruity taste that is ideal for smoking poultry or adding natural sweetness to your vegetables. Choosing the right flavor can significantly enhance your grilling experience.

  • Hickory: This blend is made up of 100% hickory hardwood, giving it a classic smoky flavor that’s perfect for beef and pork.
  • Mesquite: Made from 100% mesquite hardwood, this blend adds a bold smokiness that’s great for rich, flavorful meats like brisket and ribs.
  • Apple: This blend combines sweet applewood with a touch of hickory for a fruity, smoke-infused flavor. It’s perfect for pork and poultry.
  • Alder: Made from 100% alder wood, this blend has a delicate, smoky flavor that pairs well with lighter meats like fish and chicken.

Meat Church Blend

Matt Pittman, founder of Meat Church BBQ, grew up splitting his time between Texas and Alabama, and that’s reflected in his signature Traeger Meat Church Blend Hardwood Pellets. These limited edition pellets feature an artisanal blend of hardwoods that includes the Oak preferred by Texas pitmasters and the Hickory that’s paired with pork in the South. Enjoy bold, flavorful smoke that will make your next meal taste heavenly.

Signature Blend

A combination of maple, cherry & artisanal hardwood blends. These pellets offer a more complex, balanced flavor profile that goes well with a variety of meats, including beef, pork, and poultry. The artisanal hardwood provides a smoky, hearty flavor, while the maple offers a slightly sweet note. The cherry wood provides a mild, fruity flavor that complements the other woods in the blend. These signature blend pellets are a great way to experiment with different flavors without investing in several bags of individual pellets.


In conclusion, understanding the different Traeger wood pellet flavors available is an excellent way to enhance your grilling experience. Whether you prefer using individual flavors or signature blends, choosing the right wood pellet for each type of meat or vegetable will make a significant difference in the taste of your food.

Mike 'Rock' Rauch

Mike 'Rock' Rauch

Hey! I’m just a backyard pitmaster excited to share my experience in barbecuing with you! I’ve spent over 14 years perfecting my skills, testing and refining flavors to bring my favorites to your backyard. I’m thrilled for the opportunity to take your taste buds on a new culinary journey.

Whether you’re someone who frequently grills or someone who loves to try new flavors, my experience in food is sure to make your next gathering extra special. From the classics to new, innovative dishes, I love food and I’m excited to share my passion with you. Let’s fire up the grill and make your next get-together unforgettable!

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