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Upgrade Your Grilling Game with the Meater+ Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

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Discovering the Meater+ Thermometer

Are you exhausted from the constant uncertainty of whether your protein is done? Do you constantly forget “what temp did I smoke that pork shoulder at?” or “how long did that flank steak take last time?” Look no further than the Meater+ Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer! This ground-breaking marvel eliminates the need for guesswork when you are rolling smoke, guaranteeing flawlessly cooked meat with unwavering precision.

The Thermometer

With the inclusion of two temperature sensors and a native application, this innovative thermometer eliminates any uncertainty in the cooking process. By simultaneously measuring the internal temperature of your food and monitoring the ambient temperature of your grill or smoker, this device guarantees precise control. It takes into consideration any potential temperature variations that could arise, resulting in flawlessly cooked meals with absolute consistency.

But what truly sets the Meater+ apart is its impressive wireless capabilities. With its seamless Bluetooth connection to your smartphone, you can effortlessly monitor the internal temperature of your food from a remarkable distance of up to 165 feet! This unparalleled feature empowers you to maximize your time with family and friends, attend to your sides, or unwind while your protein is being smoked to perfection.

The App

The app not only showcases an array of temperature presets, but also enables you to set personalized temperature alerts and provides cooking timelines for various types of meats. This way, you can confidently proceed with your smoking, knowing that your timing and temperatures will be spot-on. Regardless of whether you’re preparing a juicy salmon fillet or long-smoked brisket, the Meater+ Thermometer has you covered.

By far, the most impressive feature of the app is the Previous Cooks section. This remarkable functionality ensures that all your cooking experiences are saved for future reference. When you return to the smoker to cook the same protein again, you can confidently rely on the app to provide you with vital information such as the cooking duration, the temperature it was cooked at, and many other valuable insights.

Where to Buy

There are numerous fantastic options available when it comes to purchasing a Meater+ Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer. Here are some of our choices:

  • You can purchase the Meater+ on Traeger’s website and you’ll receive free shipping.
  • BBQ Guys is a great resource for all things BBQ. Check out this and many other products on their website.
  • Simply Decks BBQ: If you are in the Fort Wayne area like us, head over to Simply Decks BBQ and pick one up today!

These are few of the many options that you can consider when you go shopping for a Meater+ Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer.

So is it worth it?

If you are tired of the guesswork involved in cooking your food to perfection, then yes it is worth it! If you are looking for a way to make your next barbecue an absolute breeze, then yes it is worth it!

At a mere $99 (or cheaper if you find seasonal sales) the Meater+ can take your grilling game to the next level at an affordable price. With its innovative technology and user-friendly interface, the Meater+ is a must-have for any backyard pitmaster.

Say goodbye to undercooked or overcooked meals, and say hello to perfectly cooked and irresistibly delicious food. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your smoking experience. Get your Meater+ today and elevate your culinary skills to new heights!

Mike 'Rock' Rauch

Mike 'Rock' Rauch

Hey! I’m just a backyard pitmaster excited to share my experience in barbecuing with you! I’ve spent over 14 years perfecting my skills, testing and refining flavors to bring my favorites to your backyard. I’m thrilled for the opportunity to take your taste buds on a new culinary journey.

Whether you’re someone who frequently grills or someone who loves to try new flavors, my experience in food is sure to make your next gathering extra special. From the classics to new, innovative dishes, I love food and I’m excited to share my passion with you. Let’s fire up the grill and make your next get-together unforgettable!

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