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2023 Home & Garden Show in Fort Wayne, IN

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Smoked Q at the 2023 Fort Wayne Home & Garden Show

In our second year at the Fort Wayne Home & Garden Show, Smoked Q aimed to elevate our performance by analyzing customer interactions from the previous year. Through this, we successfully doubled our sales compared to the previous year. Some key elements that helped us:

Improve marketing

We aim for growth in 2023 and have started enhancing our marketing strategies to promote the Smoked Q brand. We have been focusing on utilizing social media and email marketing to highlight our products and inform our current and potential customers in Fort Wayne about our presence at this year’s Home & Garden Show.

Improved Customer Experience

Smoked Q has recently revamped its product labels to distinguish them from other offerings in the market. The new design ensures a seamless customer experience by enabling them to quickly locate the desired product while also providing a clear understanding of the ingredients and the ideal protein pairing.

Expand Product Offerings

One of our significant enhancements was the introduction of four new rubs and a new sauce, out of which we ran out of stock of two rubs during the show! This expansion in our product range has provided more options for both our new and loyal customers.

About the Fort Wayne Home & Garden Show

The Fort Wayne Home and Garden Show is an event that takes place every year in Indiana, dedicated to showcasing the best and most innovative products, ideas, and solutions in the world of home design and landscaping. This event is considered one of the biggest of its kind in the state of Indiana, and it brings together homeowners, gardening enthusiasts, and home industry professionals to experience the latest trends in home and garden design.

The history of Fort Wayne Home & Garden Show

The Fort Wayne Home and Garden Show is the result of a collaboration between the local community and a group of home and garden professionals who saw an opportunity to bring gardening and home DIY enthusiasts together under one roof. The first event took place in 1973, and has since grown in popularity, becoming a staple of the local community.

What to expect at the Fort Wayne Home & Garden Show

The Fort Wayne Home and Garden Show features an extensive range of exhibitors showcasing products for every corner of your home, from kitchens, bedrooms, and baths, to outdoor living spaces and gardens. The show takes place over a period of four days and offers a range of activities, including seminars, workshops, and expert tips from industry professionals on everything from planting and landscaping, to kitchen makeovers, and bathroom renovations. Visitors also have the opportunity to connect with exhibitors and learn about new products, services, and trends in the industry.


We are exceedingly pleased with the results of this year’s Home & Garden Show and are eagerly anticipating next year’s event. The level of engagement and interest from attendees was truly impressive, and we were thrilled to showcase our latest products and our originals. Overall, it was a successful and fulfilling experience, and we can’t wait to come back next year to this amazing event.

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